Accounting and Taxation

“We do more than just your taxes,
We add value to your life.”


Anybody can close your books and give you financial statements, but can they help you run your business? Can they help you to understand the financial statements they give you? Can they show you how you compare to your competition and help you manage your business successfully? Can they help you project future growth and make sure you have enough cash to grow?

That’s what we do. I would be happy to offer you a “financial check-up” at no charge to review your records, to determine how we can help you and your business. Please call me without any cost or obligation on your part.


My name is Mark Boslett and I am the President of Mark W. Boslett, Inc. CPA. I am an experienced CPA with over thirty years of tax preparation experience in public accounting.

No matter what future plans you hold or what profession your in, you want to take home as much money as possible. We can help you achieve this by focusing on your financial goals and help you have more money to invest.

We conduct our practice with only one question in mind; how much money can we save our clients in taxes? We will exhaust every legal avenue within the tax code to help save you money. Isn’t that why you hire an accountant?