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Beyond business, we add value to your life.

With over thirty years of experience in public accounting, Mark W Boslett, Inc. provides a variety of expert financial services to assist business owners and individuals in all phases of accounting and taxation.

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Industry Specializations

Tax Planning

Need assistance with tax preparation? We provide an array of tax preparation services to ensure that you take home the maximum refund possible.

Business Consulting

Prepare for the future and set yourself up for success by investing in a business valuation and developing an effective Exit Plan.

Educational Resources

Seeking additional information on business planning? Our Educational Resources are perfect for business owners to gain important industry knowledge.

Accounting Documents

See What's New!

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Don't miss this episode of "Behind the Business" where Mark Boslett talks taxes, buying and selling businesses, valuations and exit planning with the president of Hudson Area Chamber of Commerce, Nicole Alverson.

Check out Mark W. Boslett's featured interview on 'Business Innovators with Mark Imperial', a series about the state of Selling, Buying, and Exiting a business in today’s economy.

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The Mark W Boslett, Inc. Difference












How Valuable is Your Business?

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The ExitMap® questionnaire is a FREE 22-question assessment that examines the value of your business in four key categories:
Operations, Planning, Finance and Revenue/Profit.


This invaluable assessment…

  • Requires NO confidential information

  • Takes as little as 15 minutes to complete

  • Includes a complimentary 12-page report (emailed to you upon completion)


After receiving your report, we will schedule a follow up debriefing to discuss your exit preparedness.


At that point, we can move forward with the more extensive 40-page ExitMap® Analysis© and break down your business value and exit readiness in detail based on your responses to the assessment.

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