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Business Consulting Service Offerings

No matter what future plans you hold or what profession you’re in, my mission is to increase your business’s worth, turning it into a successful, highly valued enterprise. I’m passionate about helping companies increase sales and decrease costs, thereby making their systems more efficient and adding the value to their businesses that they’ll eventually need to exit.

No matter where you are in the business cycle, you want to be a healthy business and I can get you there.


Business Valuations


Exit Strategies


Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Why do I need an Exit Strategy for my business?
    If you own a business, there will be a time in your future that you will have to exit it; it is inevitable. Will you sell it to an outside third party, sell it to a key-employee, or transfer it to a family member? This is one of the most important decisions you must make as part of an effective Exit Plan – unfortunately, far too many business owners have made no plans for the most significant financial event of their lives. Get the highest value possible out of your business by being prepared to sell.
  • Do I need a Certified Valuation Analyst to transfer or sell my business?
    If you want to leave your company successfully, it is essential that you know the marketplace value of your business. It’s nearly impossible to set realistic financial goals for retirement without knowing the value of one of your greatest assets. By investing in a Certified Valuation Analyst, you’re ensuring your future financial security.
  • When should I start planning for the sale of my business?
    Now! It’s never too late to start planning. According to a study by Bain Surveying Inc., (Sept 11, 2008): “47% of middle-market business owners, 55 years of age and older, are interested in selling their businesses within three years, yet 90% have not started the process of planning for that sale.” To me, this is a disturbing revelation! Planning for the single most important financial event in a business owners’ life. Exiting their business should be comforting and easy. As an Exit Planner and member of the Exit Planning Institute Inc., I would like to help you plan accordingly.
  • Can you help me add value to my business?
    Anybody can close your books and give you financial statements, but you need someone who will: Help you to understand the financial statements they give you Show you how you compare to your competition and help you manage your business successfully Help you project future growth and ensure that you have enough cash to grow That’s what we do! I would be happy to offer you a “financial check-up” at no charge to review your records and determine how we can help you and your business. Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation.
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How Valuable is Your Business?

The ExitMap® questionnaire is a FREE 22-question assessment that examines the value of your business in four key categories:
Operations, Planning, Finance and Revenue/Profit.

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