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Does your business have a growth plan?

Each small business owner has the same goal of turning their small business into a successful, highly valued enterprise.

Unfortunately, many of these business owners are unable to take their seed of a business and transform it into a huge tree of success – fortunately, there are MANY things that an owner can do in order to in order to grow their business and increase its value.

Here are the first 4 things to consider when assembling your growth plan:

  1. Focus on increasing cash flows and minimizing taxes.

  2. Create a better customer acquisition strategy, with no more than ten percent of revenues coming from your largest customer.

  3. Hire or train a successor to you, thereby keeping the knowledge in the company after you exit.

  4. Create recurring or repetitive revenue, while growing cash flows and profit. Try to get cash before performing the service, if possible.

Unsure of where to start in assembling your own growth plan? Not to fear – you’re in luck! Take our FREE Business Assessment below. It’s 22 questions, takes about 15 minutes to fill out, and produces a 12-page report that takes a broader view of your business into account (more than just the numbers).


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